Authorized Hüper Optik Dealer

Hüper Optik was founded in 1998 to provide efficient, green window tinting for a wide range of applications including home, commercial, marine, automotive and even decorative uses. Since its inception these window tints have been installed on over 2.5 million feet of glass in North and South America. Now we are proud to announce that we are Florida’s newest authorized dealer, serving the entire state from Pensacola to Orlando and from Key West to Jacksonville.

This state of the art nanoceramic film lends itself well to virtually any tint job for private, commercial or industrial use. Among its applications are:

  • Exterior home window tinting
  • Privacy home window film
  • Exterior and interior commercial window film
  • Commercial security window film
  • Private safety and security film
  • Heat-resistant residential window tinting
  • Beach house window tint

Because of its versatility and efficiency, this window film has become the gold standard in environmentally friendly window tints the world over, helping combat over 100 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. Its unique green properties have made Hüper Optik a leader in sustainability and LEED-certified environmental technologies for nearly two decades.

Huper Optik Stands Above The Rest

This revolutionary window tint rejects 99.5% of all solar UV rays, reducing glare and protecting eyes and skin from the sun as well as preventing home furnishings from fading. Additionally, the tint helps keep homes cooler by keeping the heat outside, saving energy and money on your home cooling bill. Because of the way this tint is constructed, it provides extra safety by keeping glass shards together in case of an accidental breakage, increasing the safety of your home. At night, the low reflectivity of the tint helps keep interior glare down without getting in the way of your view!

For commercial applications, this tint is excellent both for maintaining privacy and allowing unparalleled interior to exterior clarity of view. Commercial tint comes in a wide range of colors, styles, tints and UV rejection rates, which makes it great and versatile for green construction projects or energy-saving retrofits. These tints conform to ISO9050 and ASHRAE standards, for optimal energy-saving benefits that don’t compromise the optical qualities of your office or building.

Automotive tints help keep down glare, reduce heat inside your car even in direct light on a sunny Florida day, and keep your car looking great inside and out year after year. By repelling UV rays, the tint actually helps preserve the interior of your car from fading and heat-related damage while saving gas by cooling your car more efficiently. The tint also helps give your a car a sleek European look, great from driving down A1A or just to the kids’ school!

Decorativ(TM) films are excellent for interior glass walls or windows, allowing you to add an elegant touch or achieve optimal privacy for much less than installing smoked or frosted glass panels in the same areas. These films work well to add decorative flare or enhance privacy in meeting areas, kitchens, showers, offices or en-suite restrooms. With their elegant styling and easy application, these films can transform virtually any space overnight!

Serving the Entire State of Florida

We service the entire state of Florida from state line to beach. You can find us in cities including but not limited to:

Biscayne Bay, Downtown Miami, Doral, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Kendall, Hialeah, Homestead, Hollywood FL, Pembroke Pines, Sunrise, Oakland Park, Ft Lauderdale

We have over 25 years of experience in the tinting business, and we’re very proud to be an authorized dealer for one of the best and most durable window tints in the world. Being an authorized Hüper Optik dealer means we take sustainability, energy conservation, and green technology seriously, which is something not every window tint dealer can say. Being named as an authorized dealer means we go above and beyond for our clients and the environment, a commitment we take as both an honor and a challenge.

It’s up to everyone to do our part for a greener planet and a brighter environmental future. With our new agreement with one of the premier window tint producers in the world, it means we’ve been given another way to do even more for our world and our clients. To learn more about this amazing eco-friendly window tint or to schedule a free consultation, call us at 1 (800) 852-1649. We’ll be happy to show you how window film can make your home or business more comfortable, lower your power bill, and the world we share a little greener.