Commercial Window Tinting

Businesses will find that window tinting provides many benefits. Commercial window tinting can improve the appearance of a building and attract more customers. It can reduce harmful UV rays from the sun and make it easier to regulate the temperature inside the building. This can help lower the cost of electricity substantially. UV rays can prematurely age furnishings, causing materials to fade. Window tinting can help extend the life of furnishings and lower the cost of replacing them. This also helps maintain an attractive office environment that will make a good impression on customers. Window tinting will eliminate glare on computer monitors and help improve productivity of employees. Window tinting for business is an investment that will lower operating expenses and attract more customers.

There are several types of commercial window tinting used for various applications. Precious metal films incorporate silver and gold to create a spectrally selective technology. It allows the light to enter while eliminating most of the heat. Businesses in Florida will find this especially advantageous for lowering energy costs. Light entering the windows can be used to illuminate the environment while reducing glare from the glass. A number of nano-ceramic type films also offer spectrally selective technology for improved quality and performance. Therm-X technologies uses a proprietary mix of metals to produce a high performance film capable of eliminating a large percentage of the heat that enters through windows. In addition, it is an excellent choice for those searching for privacy window film.

Safety and security window film

Safety and security window film is impact resistance. It can protect a business against vandalism, explosions and storm damage. Security films are designed to absorb energy from strong winds, impact and shock. In the event the glass is broken, the film will protect building occupants from flying glass. It also inhibits burglaries by causing the glass to form a web rather than shatter when it is broken. This prevents access to the building. Safety and security window film has been ballistic tested and is capable of withstanding several rounds of ammunition from firearms. They also comply with Florida Statute 553.842 for hurricane and wind storm resistance. These films offer protection for the business’ assets and employees.

UV Rays / Solar Protection

Window tinting for business is available for a variety of applications. The films offer a wide range of external and internal uses. External films provide an additional layer of protection against UV rays that can damage draperies, upholstery and carpets as well as fade merchandise. They can eliminate 99 percent of the ultraviolet light and reduce the amount of heat entering the building by as much as 85 percent. Privacy window film can protect the company’s sensitive information and provide a much more productive work environment for employees. External window tinting will soften lighting, help regulate temperature and provide privacy and security for a more comfortable work environment.

Window Film for Privacy

Interior window tinting can beautify the office and provide needed privacy. It can be used to separate work areas and reduce glare. Frosted window film is one of the most commonly applied. It is often used to coat office glass, restroom windows and doors and entry doors. The film allows light to enter while providing privacy. Frosted window film is also attractive and will enhance the appearance of the environment. Other types of decorative films such as dusted crystal offer decorative features for mirrors and other interior glass.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Anti-graffiti film can be used on the interior or exterior. These films can protect against all types of graffiti including scratches, acid-etching and gouges. Anti-graffiti film can be used on street-level glass, elevators and escalators. It can also help protect and maintain the beauty of bathroom mirrors and glass counter tops. The films are optically clear and prevent damage of the surfaces they cover. When vandalized, the film can be removed and replaced. Anti-graffiti film offers a means of lowering the cost of property damage.

Commercial window tinting offers many benefits for businesses. It can help lower operating expenses and reduce building maintenance costs. Window tinting provides privacy, security and reduces glare that contributes to a more productive and comfortable work environment. It also protects and beatifies the interior and exterior of the building to provide a more pleasing environment for customers.