Custom Decorative Frost Window Film for Office Windows in Ft Lauderdale

Frosted window film can be the perfect privacy solution for offices. Blocking out most of the view, while leaving some visibility at the top and bottom. This design was though up by the client and included a total of 3 1inch strips of frost, (2 at the top and 1 at the bottom) with 1/2 inch gaps between them and 48inch strip of frost in the middle. The results were nothing less than impressive. The added privacy is convenient and the over aesthetic improvement is impressive.

decorative frost window tinting design

This custom decorative frost window film design was applied to an office building to provide privacy for the conference room windows as well as the individual offices.

decorative frost window tinting

This custom frost window film design consists of a 1inch strip of frost at the bottom, 48inches of frost in the middle and two one inch strips of frost with a half inch space between them.

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