Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film can be found installed in several homes throughout Florida and all of the United States, even in the less sunny states. The reason being is frosted window film can not only block out the suns rays, its often used for increased privacy or simply for decorative / aesthetic purposes. Many homeowners prefer frosted film over frosted and etched glass. Professional installers can apply frosted film onto any uncommon sized window or door. This unique type of film is both decorative and functional.

Frosted Window Film is Decorative and Stylish

• Frosted film resembles etched glass, but it is more affordable than expensive custom made glass.

• The film is available in a variety of patterns to match any décor, wood trim, or wall covering.

• Themed sunrooms are common in Miami Beach houses. Any theme can be easily matched to any theme.

• Some frost window film is free of adhesive, which means less time to install and replace. Homeowners can quickly and easily have professionals change the look and feel of any room. Their daily routine will not be disrupted, because of a lengthy home improvement project.

• Frosted glass window films are made with ground pieces of glass to give it a beautiful sparkle. The film shimmers in the sunlight.

• Frosted window film will not darken rooms; therefore, a room’s desired amount of lighting can remain the same.

• The film is available in an unlimited amount of different styles. Homeowners can have different frosted patterned film installed in every room.

Functional and Beneficial

• Frost window tint reduces summer energy bills, because it can block some of the heat coming through glass windows and doors. Air conditioner and central air unit operation will be reduced after frosted film is installed.

• Frosted, decorative window film filters over 94 percent of ultra-violet (UV) radiation, which can damage the skin.

• Frosted window film acts as a filter to protect home furnishings from fading or discoloring.

• Thick frosted film can be used to hide unpleasant outdoor views, but it can also highlight gorgeous outdoor landscape.

• Frosted film can be installed on glass shower doors and bathroom mirrors. Residential homeowners do not have to worry about the glass film peeling or bubbling.

• Homeowners can earn an energy tax credit, by installing some frosted and tinted window films in their house.

• Window treatments can be expensive to maintain. Frosted window film installation can eliminate the need for curtain and drape dry cleaning bills. The film is easy to wipe clean with a cloth or a light abrasive.

• When installed on the glass panels surrounding a door, residents can rest easy knowing they have increased privacy, but yet they can still see those who approach the front door.