Residential & Commercial Window Tinting Service

When we first opened the doors of Residential & Commercial Window Tinting, we were hoping to carve out a little niche serving customers in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and all of South Florida. Sure, we had a feeling that our business would do alright around here, but we could never have predicted how fast word spread and how quickly our company would grow. In a state that gets as hot and humid as Florida, window tinting is not just a pleasant addition to your home… it’s an absolute necessity for your comfort and wellbeing!

Residential Window Tinting has been in business for many years now and indeed we do now boast clients who have used us for their window tinting in greater Southern Florida, but we are still informed by the same values that helped launch our family owned and operated company on day one: excellent customer service, professionalism, and quality materials.

Apparently our straightforward approach is working, because the phones never stop ringing and out inboxes are always full! We also of course have to give some of the credit to the heat and sunshine in Miami, too! There is simply no better way to make your home cooler, safer, and more energy efficient than by having high quality window films installed.

Window tinting will dramatically cut down on the amount of sunshine entering your home, reducing your cooling costs in the warmer months. But good window films do not cut out the pleasant sunlight you love to see in your home in sunny Ft. Lauderdale or those beach views you love in Miami. Window tinting blocks out much of the harmful UV rays that can warm your home and can damage carpets, furniture, artwork, and even your skin, while still allowing in plenty of natural light. Yet while window films let in the light you want, they also block the prying eyes you don’t! Residential Window Tinting offers plural window film treatments that make it all but impossible for people outside your home to see in, while from inside your view out through your windows will not be noticeable changed at all!

Beyond added privacy, window film treatments also make your home much safer in other ways, as well. Quality window films strengthen and reinforce your windows against attempted breaking and entering, as they are shatter resistant. They will also keep your residence safer during violent wind and storm events, as flying objects are much less likely to break through a window reinforced with window film. When the weather turns angry, especially when a hurricane threatens, window film will help keep your home and your family that much safer.

Call us up today for a free consultation and estimate. A Residential Window Tinting representative will be glad to explain more about all the benefits you stand to gain from installing window film in your home, from lower energy costs to added safety to giving your home a colorful facelift!