Window Tinting in Coral Gables, Florida

When you think about Coral Gables, Florida, you probably think of two things above all else: the beautiful stretch of beach, and the year-round sunshine. We can’t argue that the beaches here are wonderful, but all that sunny southern Florida sun? Well that can be a mixed blessing.

Sunshine streaming into your home can damage upholstered furniture, fade carpeting and wall decorations, and even be a health risk to you and your family due to the adverse effects of UV rays on your skin. And then there’s the heat, of course: sunlight comes through your glass windows and bakes your home, warming the interior up so much that you are forced to either run the AC constantly or else close all the blinds and shades and live in the dark! No one wants to do that, and fortunately no one has to!
That’s because Residential Window Tinting serves Coral Gables residents with the latest and greatest options for window film treatments that can keep your house cooler and more comfortable while still letting in the bright natural light you love about Coral Gables.

Residential Window Tinting uses high quality window films and superior installation techniques so that when your window tinting job is completed you will hardly notice any difference in your home except that it’s cooler and more pleasant… and that your electric bill will drop!
Our UV solar window films cut out much of the spectrum of sunlight, including harmful UV rays and warming infrared rays, while still allowing pleasant light into your home and in no way impeding your view out at lovely Coral Gables. Window tinting is far and away the best way to cut down on your HVAC costs – in fact, most of our clients find that their window tinting job pays for itself over time!

Window films offer myriad benefits beyond energy efficiency, too. We serve both residential and commercial customers looking for enhanced privacy, safety, and security thanks to our strong, durable window films. A window tinting job can make your property all but impossible to see into from the outside while still keeping your view out perfectly clear. Window films also add significant strength the your windows, preventing shattering or cracking.

Sunny Coral Gables is a lovely place to call home or to set up shop, and with the handiwork of Residential Window Tinting, this area can be bright and warm outside while you can still be cool and comfortable in your residence or place of business.